Valorant Yoru

Sova’s dart attached to Yoru’s clone is a hilarious but useful trick

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 27, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

A brand new way to scan information has arrived in Valorant. It uses a hilarious interaction between Yoru’s clone and Sova’s dart. 

Sova is quite a useful agent in large locations. His intel-gathering devices are helpful, but they’re no fun on their own. Luckily, players have discovered a hilarious way to milk out Sova’s dart and corner enemies. But you must have Yoru on your team to act out this mechanic in Valorant. 

Valorant agents shine the most when combined with the utility of their partners, this Sova and Yoru combination is proof. Now, players are attaching Sova’s dart to Yoru’s clone to get more information. Here’s why it works. 

Attaching Sova’s dart on Yoru clone

sova dart

Yoru’s clone is a great way to distract enemies, but players have now learned to tell the difference between real and fake so they don’t destroy Yoru’s clone anymore in fear of getting blind-sighted. On the other hand, players don’t wait for a beat before shooting at Sova’s dart. But it’s now possible to corner enemies, forcing them to either get flashed or revealed. 

By aiming at Yoru’s clone, Sova can shoot his dart at the model, revealing all enemies that come in the way or spot the decoy. Destroying the bait will result in a screen-flashing blind but letting it walk would expose the position, putting enemies in a conundrum. It’s a great tactic to squeeze full juice out of both agents’ powers.

Quick enemies may destroy the decoy and hide behind cover, but low-level players would surely fall to this new tactic. It’s a great way to escape lower ranks in Valorant, but make sure you only use this trick when necessary. Trying to aim for a clone mid-fight could spell disaster for the entire team. Tricks like these are highly situational and are only fruitful when used smartly. 

How to use Sova’s ult in Valorant

Sova’s ultimate, Hunter’s Fury, lasts for six seconds. During that time, he can fire three shots that pierce through walls and other obstacles. Each dart deals 80 damage, which means he only needs two darts to kill one enemy. Hunter’s Fury can potentially kill multiple enemies within a single shot.