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Valorant players want to disable skins due to toxic beggers

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 1, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Skins are a major part of Valorant, but not everyone can afford them. Fortunately, sharing is possible, but even generous players are sick of dropping skins. 

Skins have become almost necessary in Valorant, thanks to the highly notable placebo, which may sometimes impact aim and headshot percentage. For this reason, those who don’t own skins have become almost desperate, asking for their favorite gun every single round. While skin drops are common in FPS games, Valorant players are tired. 

In a community thread, Valorant players are requesting Riot to add a “turn off skins” options in-game, which would turn the weapon to default black for inspecting teammates.  

Valorant players offer a solution for skin-begging trolls 

Valorant currently has more than 300 skins, and a big chunk of those cost an arm and a leg. As a result, players have resorted to begging for skins each round, hoping a teammate has a skin they like. In case they don’t, they will settle with whatever is available; but begging is a must. 

Valorant skin

While players don’t mind dropping skins in alternate rounds, some teammates can be a pest, asking for skins to the point of trolling. Buying a weapon twice can be slightly annoying, even though Valorant has a lengthy buy phase. Due to this, skin owners want an option to disable skins for teammates. 

One may think skin owners could refuse to drop, but trollers would often threaten to throw the game or sabotage teammates when they don’t get their skins. Consequently, the lobby becomes toxic, leading to a poor outcome as a team. So, skin trollers are definitely real, and it’s a big issue in Valorant. 

However, it’s doubtful Riot would release any such option. Players will have to report trolls who sabotage game outcomes for skins until Riot acknowledges this underrated but severe issue in Valorant.