Valorant new bundle Intergrade

Valorant’s latest bundle Intergrade has been leaked

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 19, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Winter is coming to Valorant with new Intergade skins dipped in silver and blue. 

The poster of the latest Valorant bundle has slipped through the cracks, revealing ice-blue skins. The gradient bundle is simple and perfect for fans who don’t like frills attached to their weapons. 

Not much is yet known about the Intergade bundle, but the community response so far has been mixed. 

Valorant new bundle Intergrade

Valorant players think the Intergrade bundle is too plain

Riot has maintained a balance of over-the-top skins and minimal bundles in Valorant inventory. Not everyone enjoys distraction around weapons in cut-throat games, but each time Riot rolls out plain skins, they stir controversy. 

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According to the players, the skins are cute but are too simple to qualify as even deluxe level. The blue skins are similar to Lightwave and Hue Shift, two bundles that were released in Valorant Battle Pass. Battle pass skins are generally cheaper with simple designs, so players expect something unique for the bundles they pay full money for. 

Another thing that’s bugging the players is the lack of primary rifles: Vandal and Phantom. But Guardian players will be pleased with the arsenal. The Intergrade bundle includes the following weapons.

  • Spectre 
  • Operator
  • Guardian 
  • Classic 
  • Knife

However, other players believe the blue skins are perfectly designed with a cool color and slight sheen on the exterior. They’re no Reaver skins, but are best for those wanting to add color to their inventory. 

But the skins are actually not that plain. A subtle gradient is definitely there, but a clean pattern adorns the butt of the guns. The magazines also appear to be clear, with electric blue bullets visible through the glass. It’s unknown whether the bundle would have any special effects and VFX, but it seems unlikely from the design.

Valorant Intergrade bundle price

Valorant Intergrade bundle is priced at 3,550 Valorant points, with guns costing 875 VP each and the melee at 1,750 VP.