Chamber's Sheriff

Valorant player brings Chamber’s Sheriff to life with cardboard

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 3, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

One Valorant fan has brought Chamber’s heavy-duty Sheriff to life using only cardboard. 

Riot Games’ latest addition to Valorant protocol is a fan of everything expensive. Chamber comes from so much money that he doesn’t fancy Valorant’s default weapons. Agent 18 brought his own guns in the form of a golden HeadHunter and Tour De Force. 

Chamber may like fancy stuff, but a Valorant player has created a cheap Sheriff inspired by Chamber using just cardboard. It looks precisely like Chambers’ gold-varnished gun. 

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RivalRudra has used cardboard and some glue to create Chamber’s custom weapon that is one of its kind. The Sheriff warrants a one-shot kill, making it a worthy investment. RivalRudra’s Headhunter is much cheaper and more realistic. The 3D weapon looks exactly like Chamber’s pistol, and it also comes with his fancy black card. 

The artist spent a week and a half to create the final product. The yellow card paper is attached with the black sheet using glue. He’s also used pen and markers to add necessary details to a stark magazine. The pattern on the body was likely the most challenging part as it looks tough to handle on flimsy paper. The artist has also taken the exact measurements into consideration to make it look like a real Sheriff.

This Sheriff looks just like Riot’s virtual version when paired with the trademark black card. RivaRudra’s inspection recording also looks like a video clip straight out of Valorant. The artist has added bullet tracers through the editor, making it appear almost real. 

How much does Chamber’s Sheriff cost?

Chamber’s Sheriff isn’t the cheapest pick for eco rounds. The HeadHunter is sold at a rate of creds per bullet. Each bullet costs 100 creds, which isn’t exactly affordable in an eco round.

When its cost can be accepted, its zero damage falloff makes it the preferred weapon for players who excel at one-tapping. Chamber can shop for a maximum of eight bullets, which ultimately makes him a menace against bonus buy enemies. His weapons are a wild card as he can pull the deadly guns out when the team lacks money. Chamber’s impact is insane in save rounds due to his custom arsenal.