Valorant patch 3.06 makes huge map changes, removes wallbangs

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 21, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Patch 3.06 brings glad tidings for Valorant players that are tired of being killed by enemies they had no chance of actually seeing. 

Players have long been complaining about unlikely wallbang spots marring Valorant. While these penetrable spots are an intentional part of the game, some bomb point wall bangs put attackers at a massive risk. The developer has introduced significant map changes in patch 3.06 which should make planting the Spike significantly safer. 

The new update converts light Radianite boxes into hard metal, making them impenetrable. Bullets can no longer travel through them, a huge boon for the attackers. 

“[These changes] should create a safer planting option for attackers while retaining a riskier but more powerful option,” Riot Games’ Jeff Landa said.

Many professional players have highlighted the broken structure of Icebox’s point B, which heavily favors the defenders. It’s tricky to gain site control for the attackers but even if they manage to pull it off, planting the Spike is a task on its own. Defenders can spam through the Radianite boxes and easily get a kill against weakened or unarmored enemies. Committing to an Odin spray might even annihilate a healthy, armored agent, making point B somewhat unfair. Similar issues were reported across different maps, and Riot Games has finally taken notice. 

The new update will armor up particular boxes across Bind, Haven, Icebox, Ascent, and Fracture. While sites are still “pennable,” the developer has removed wallbangs from select spots. For example, the right side crate on Haven’s C site, Ascent’s second crate, Bind’s back boxes, and Fracture’s top boxes are all now safe to plant behind. 

This change should heavily impact the power balance between the two sides. Attackers will now find it easier to activate the Spike and go right into defending the retake. Breeze and Split are perfectly balanced in the current patch and won’t see any drastic changes. Conversely, the other maps will undoubtedly help players create newer strategies and play around with the new crates. 

When is Fracture entering ranked queues? 

Apart from map changes, patch 3.06 also adds the latest Valorant map, Fracture, into the ranked queues. After a trial run in casual games for two weeks, the map is all set for competitive matches. Players can now climb through the ranks on the brand new H-shaped location that will build upon the Valorant’s mirror verse lore.