Valorant Patch 1.05 brings big nerfs to Raze ultimate, abilities

By Olivia Richman


Aug 4, 2020

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Valorant’s most recent patch has targeted Raze. 

Even though Killjoy has taken the spotlight, many Valorant fans have noticed that Raze’s kit was nerfed in Patch 1.05. Throughout the beta, Raze was continuously targeted by players for being potentially overpowered. Because of her abilities’ focus on pure damage instead of tactical strategy, some Valorant players even wanted her removed from the game entirely prior to its official launch. 

While Riot has clearly ignored the cries for Raze to be deleted from the game and banned from tournaments, it seems they have finally addressed some of the concerns that Valorant players have about the pub-stomping agent. 

Valorant Patch 1.05 brings Raze nerf

The first big change to Raze was her ultimate, Showstopper. Valorant developers increased the equip time from 1.1 to 1.4 seconds. The quick equip time was also increased, going from 0.5 to 0.7. Developers also reduced the VFX when she fires her rocket. The VFX on the rocket’s trail was also slightly reduced. 

Developers explained that they wanted to provide enemies with “more time to plan and acquire Raze” when they hear her fear-inducing “fire in the hole” callout. 

“Additionally, we have adjusted her VFX so that players are able to notice Raze as she fires, increasing their ability to shoot a Raze that takes riskier plays,” communication associate Jeff Landa explained. 

Raze also got a nerf to her Blast Pack. This ability sees Raze stick a Blast Pack to a wall. She then must use the ability again in order to detonate it, dealing damage to nearby enemies. 

In Patch 1.05, the Blast Pack’s damage was decreased from 75 to 50, a pretty significant nerf. Damage to objects, however, will remain at 600.

“Raze’s Blast Pack has been hitting players a bit too hard, able to kill a fully armored enemy in certain situations. We want to reduce this ability’s efficacy at damaging players while sharpening its ability at clearing enemy utility and obstacles,” Landa said.

This will most likely satisfy many Valorant fans who believe Raze deals too much damage, it’s not yet clear if it will make a big enough impact to end the “Raze is OP” rants on from the around the Valorant community. 


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