Valorant reveals 12th agent Killjoy, confirms release date

Olivia Richman • July 29, 17:50

Equipped with a bunch of adorable and deadly robots, Killjoy has been officially revealed by Valorant developers. 

Riot Games had accidentally leaked Killjoy a few days ago, giving fans insight into the 12th agent’s abilities. It was clear that she would be a defensive agent with abilities focused on deployable machines. 

One bot attacks enemies, dealing damage and lowering their defenses to damage from enemy agents. She also has Nanostorm, which activates a storm of nanobots that greatly slow down a targeted enemy. Then there’s Lockdown, her ultimate, which further disrupts the enemy team’s movement. 

Killjoy and turrets

While Valorant’s reveal confirmed these abilities once again, it gave further insight into Killjoy’s character. Many people were surprised to see that Killjoy was actually a woman. Valorant also calls her the “genius of Germany,” explaining that each deployable bot is one of her own inventions. 

Valorant Killjoy

The accompanying video posted to YouTube earlier today shows off a bit more of Killjoy’s personality, as well as the adorable quirks of her bot companions. It also gives players a general idea on how to utilize her unique kit against enemy teams.

The reveal also noted that a Killjoy playlist is also available on Spotify. Check that out here

Valorant devs confirmed that Killjoy will launch in Valorant on August 4. 

A lot of Valorant players are already concerned with the amount of defensive options Killjoy has. Many are saying she will “live up to her name,” but only time will tell how Killjoy will reshape the meta. 


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