Valorant Night. Market

Valorant Night Market returns

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 30, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant Night Market is back and it’s more exciting than ever this time around. 

Riot Games has finally announced the much-awaited discount store for Valorant players. The Night Market will run from September 29 to October 12.

“You never know what will be on offer at Night Market,” Valorant developers said, “and weapon vendors rarely offer the same prices twice.”

This act’s shop is going to be one of the best Night Markets so far.

Riot Games has recently delivered a few skin collections that feature unique melee, kill animations and more. Players can hope for butterfly Balisong, Yoru comb-knife, and ZEDD’s Spectrum guns to appear in their market. These are all select weapons unlike any other skin in the game, making this time’s Night Market a much-anticipated one. 

What is Valorant Night Market? 

Since Valorant’s release in 2020, Riot Games has rolled out tons of extravagant weapons skins that range from Select to Ultra category. Not everyone can afford a skin pack worth almost $100, and the developer understands that. Riot Games introduced a flea market on Christmas to ensure everyone benefits from vivid in-game cosmetics, bringing skins at cut-price. 

The discount often ranges from 12%-40%, sometimes more. For example, a Premium skin worth 1775 Valorant price would come for as cheap as 1242 thanks to a discount of 30%. The percentage also depends on the skin tier. Low-tier skins usually have low price cuts. 

How does Night Market work? 

The Night Market can be found on top of the menu tab. A mysterious new card appears among other options whenever Night Market becomes available. Click on this card to unveil items listed on your cut-price shop. 

The shop has a total of six cards that can be re-rolled unless you shop for something. Click on the cards to reveal the items. The weapons are randomly picked by Riot Games to be sold at cheaper rates. If you don’t like the guns on your first six slots, you can ask for more by shopping for an item from the chosen slot. The card will switch to a different weapon, expanding your options as you keep buying. 

Previously, the shop often featured C-tier weapons, prompting a negative response from the players. The older cards completely depended on luck. Some used to get the best Night Night market slots, while others got stuck with Select tier skins.

Considering the feedback, Riot Games updated the market by ensuring at least two Premium weapons on everyone’s cut-price list. The developer also removed the possibility of getting two skins for the same weapon to increase the variety on offer.