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Valorant map Split callouts you must know in 2023

by | Dec 21, 2022

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Reading Time: 2 min.

Split is returning to Valorant with its FPS-friendly layout that splits two spacious sites with a congested middle area, and learning proper callouts is a great way to get familiar with the map. 

Valorant maps are unique and skirt away from a typical FPS map design. Riot adds a twist in some maps with gimmicks, and others are entirely different from your traditional 5v5 shooter map. However, Split is on beat with FPS maps with a simple mid and two sites allowing exciting duels. The office-like location was out of the rotation for a whole episode, but now it’s coming back. 

Before Split returns, it’s worth jogging your memory by taking a quick look at the callouts.

Split callouts in Valorant 

The corporate area seeping into a chill neighborhood is set in the alpha earth Tokyo, Japan. Before Kingdom set up its offices here, Split was a peaceful society. Now, it’s a funny amalgam of plazas and shiny offices, developing into old-school homes and flats. 

While Split’s lore is immersive, the map is a fan favorite for its layout. There’s only one mid-area, but two routes lead to it — A-sewer and B-link both open into mid and A-main and B-main, respectively. Attackers can easily split into both sides and quickly rotate towards the middle if the plan fails. 

However, defenders also have two ways to defend the mid-attack. Mail and Vent look towards lower mid, where attackers usually hold the post. Both of these entrances connect with B rafter and A tower, respectively. 

Split’s bomb points are spacious, with ample pillars adding twists and turns. Likewise, a site is vast, with terminal and elbow adding variation to a relatively flat location. Whereas bomb point B has a board and mid-pillar making it a tad tricky for attackers to sail smoothly into the site. 

Overall, Split is a well-balanced map, with B-site favoring the defenders just a little bit. It’s best for attackers to gain control of B through a mid-split. Conversely, A is easier to break into due to dual entry points. 

Split returns to the Valorant map pool in episode 6, act 1 in January 2023. 

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