Valorant map Jam

Valorant map nine codenamed Jam could be located in India

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 7, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant’s next map is codenamed Jam, and while it doesn’t give away any key details, leakers have connected the dots to figure out the map’s origins. 

Earlier in 2022, Riot Games settled on the magic number seven for Valorant map rotation, kicking Split out of active duty. But that doesn’t mean that the developer would stop adding new locations. Similar to Apex Legends and other titles, Valorant might have rotations, changing maps in each episode. At least, that’s what we have gleaned from teasers and recent map leaks. 

So far, clues are leading us to India, suggesting that Jam could be located in Harbor’s home. The exact origin doesn’t tie to the codename, but plenty of hints confirm India as the potential country. 

Where is Valorant map Jam located? 

In his recent audio message, Harbor mentions a City of Flowers that’s apparently in its home country’s multiverse nexus. A board in Valorant PBE also pins the next Valorant map nine in South Western India. 

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Viper has also suggested that the Legion is working on a new map, but pinning it down would be difficult due to the First Light. Even if we ignore Harbor’s concern, the map board is firm evidence of Jam being in India. The board only includes existing maps, and a new pin in South Western India only means one thing.

Valorant’s official pages have also been following Harbor’s escape journey, dropping a new rest stop every once in a while. The final drop-off would likely be in India, officially revealing a lore-heavy map with ties to Harbor. The codename Jam doesn’t have much to dissect, but future leaks may probably have an explanation.

So far, these are all the clues and speculations regarding Valorant map Jam. It’ll be interesting to see which location Riot plucks out next to make space for Valorant map nine. But players should expect Split’s highly requested return sometime in the near future.