Valorant map Haven is now playable in CS2 custom games

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 2, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Have you ever wondered how Valve would design Valorant maps? This map creator has reimagined Valorant maps in CS2 style. 

An indie map creator has brought Haven into Counter Strike 2 using the latest Source 2 Engine. According to the creator, the project took two months to complete. 

Most Valorant recreations in CS2 maintain Riot’s style and color palette. Vibrant greenery and vivid objects are typical among all Valorant maps recreated in CS2. However, this creative indie map developer has combined the best of both worlds, bringing Haven’s layout into Valve’s shooter. 

Haven in CS2 looks like an Ancient-Aztec cross 

Haven recreated in CS2

Frenzybahh is the creator behind this piece of art, which takes Haven’s layouts and turns them into the perfect CS2 map. For Haven’s recreation, Frenzybahh has used bricks and cobblestones inspired by Ancient. The trees are also quite similar to Ancient’s shabby, aged foliage. 

Everything is in CS2 style, besides the layout. Haven’s popular triple sites are all dipped in Source 2 elements and colors, with signature CS2 dull greys and realistic greenery. 

At first glance, this Valorant and CS2 amalgam looks like a forgotten 1.6 location Aztec, which was popular for its rainy aesthetic. Some players even say this map could pass for an unseen part of Ancient, an existing CS2 location. 

What sets this recreation apart from others is likely the use of realistic elements. Valorant maps are known for their cartoonish visuals and sharp colors, whereas CS2 locations are the opposite. Frenzybahh’s recreation brings Riot’s one of best map layouts to Valve’s unique art style, making it a masterpiece. 

Fans adore this iteration of Haven and would be thrilled to see it become a playable location in CS2. However, that possibility seems distant for now. The good news is that the map is available for play in custom games. Players can easily subscribe to the location on the Steam Workshop page.