You can now play Valorant maps inside CSGO, just like WarOwl

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 1, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Have you ever wondered what a combination of two top rival first-person shooting games would look like?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has reigned over the FPS universe for the last decade. The game’s appeal is peerless, as it has set an extraordinary benchmark that no other FPS title could match. After all, Valve’s shooter created an esports ecosystem that has nourished hundreds of talented professional players. Then came Riot Games’ own tactical shooter, Valorant, squaring up next to CSGO with its new player base and triggering a constant comparison among FPS players. 

Instead of comparing the two, popular CSGO YouTuber TheWarOwl highlighted Valorant maps that are playable through CSGO custom games. He combined the two shooters and showed just how it feels when you merge the best of both into one. The YouTuber played a few games on Valorant maps that have been recreated inside CSGO by fans. He started with a little jab at Valorant, but by the end of the video the player was impressed by how well the maps work in CSGO. 

“I was worried the Valorant maps wouldn’t work for Counter-Strike, considering they don’t work for Valorant” WarOwl said.

Valorant maps playable in CSGO

The CSGO versions of Valorant maps aren’t much different. The bright colors were lacking, and so were the fine details, but CSGO’s smooth gameplay made those shortcomings negligible. The strange sight of the round black buy menu appearing on Split’s A lobby might be enough to confuse familiar players.

WarOwl played proper five versus five games on Split, Haven, and Bind, and he seemed just as amused as any CSGO player who’s recently been introduced to Valorant. Surprisingly, Bind had teleporters that actually worked and transported you from one site to another, a feature that hasn’t yet been introduced in CSGO’s official maps. WarOwl soon got accustomed to some of the awkward angles and the unique design of Split, and compared it to CSGO’s Nuke.

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While Split was more detailed and evoked CS 1.6 pool day memories, Haven looked like any other CSGO training map. 

Blog post image

While WarOwl playing around with teleporters and confusing the enemies with fake site executes was fun to watch, it was CSGO’s smooth gunplay that was the highlight of his video. Valorant has managed to get the attention of FPS players with its agent abilities and upbeat charm. However, many players are still not satisfied with the weapons and gunplay.

Previously, star CSGO player Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev complained about bad spray patterns, which was later affirmed by former CSGO pro Michael “shroud” Grzesiek who said that Valorant gunplay is uncomfortable. Watching WarOwl play famous Valorant maps with CSGO’s familiar spray patterns, reliable hitboxes, and strafing mechanic was a sight for sore eyes. 

Comparisons aside, the Valorant and CSGO merger is certainly something that fans of both the FPS game would be interested in. Players can try custom Valorant maps in CSGO from Steam workshop.