Valorant leak says skin level selector coming in patch 3.08

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 9, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Players might finally be able to revert the levels of their Valorant skins, a leak ahead of patch 3.08 suggests.

Valorant skin collections may be pricy, but a skin weapon has multiple variants, levels, and colors. This trait makes Valorant skins worth big money, but not all players are fans of the extravagant upgrades or might just prefer one specific look for a skin. Riot Games has likely listened to the woes of fans, leak suggests.

The upcoming patch would allow players to pick preferred levels, according to data miner ValorLeaks.

Valorant is known for its cutthroat competitive play and skins that cost big money. Riot recently released a skin bundle that costs almost $100, one of the most expensive collections in the game and one of the highest price tags for a cosmetic item in a major multiplayer title.

However, skin collectors don’t mind paying the big bucks as Valorant skins are rare, thanks to the rotating market feature.

Most recently, Riot Games has rolled out tons of over-the-top skins for Valorant that might strain fans’ wallets. However, these skins come with unique kill animations, finishers, and variants that make up for the high rates. While the upgrades were appreciated by players, locking skins on the highest level was criticized by many.

Can I change the style of Valorant skins?

There is currently no way to select specific Valorant skin styles, but that is set to change in patch 3.08.

Upgrading karambit to max would rid it of the flick animation when pulling it out. Players preferred the traditional flip-style, but there’s no way to go back.

Elderflame collection had the same issue. Valorant’s highest level skin Elderflame has interesting sound elements, but it can be a bit distracting on higher levels. Players have long been requesting a feature to select preferred upgrades, and Riot Games may have listened.

Ideally, this update will allow players to choose which iteration of their skins they use. Those who prefer Karambit’s flick animation will ideally be able to freely revert the skin back. None of this has been confirmed and it’s uncertain how it would be implemented, but it’s easy to imagine how it could be incorporated into the menus.

Riot Games recently released patch 3.07 with a new skin bundle. The exact release date for patch 3.08 is unknown, as players are still adjusting to the latest update.