This game-breaking bug lets Omen use his ultimate infinitely

By Olivia Richman


Jan 25, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant’s most recent patch introduced a very concerning bug that makes Omen wildly overpowered. Even moreso than usual.

The exploit allows players to cancel and then reuse Omen’s ultimate ability, From the Shadows, repeatedly. As one can imagine, the ability to use infinite teleports with no cooldown is completely game-breaking. This continues an unfortunate trend with something game-breaking being discovered with Omen, who already stood as the best agent in Valorant.

The bug was first shared on Reddit earlier this week. The player who initially discovered the exploit shared a clip on the Valorant subreddit, showing just how simple it was to have infinite ultimates with the proper timing. In the clip, the player can be seen pulling out his knife, left-clicking on the map, and then using an ability right before teleporting. This allows Omen to then reuse the skill at will.

Riot has yet to respond to the increasingly frustrated Valorant community as they continue to call on developers to fix this critical exploit. Riot will most likely push for a fix soon after learning of the issue as they have done in the past. Yes, this has happened before multiple times.

Omen continues to experience game-breaking bugs in Valorant

Omen was disabled from the game completely in September, 2020, much like Killjoy was after it was discovered she could place her turret below the map. Developers realized there were big issues with Omen that couldn’t be easily fixed, leading them to make this extreme decision.

At the time, players discovered that Omen could teleport outside of the barriers that are present before each round on Bind. This allowed Omen players to reach usually neutral areas on the map faster than enemies could ever expect. Unsuspecting agents would then be picked off by Omen before they could react.

The issue was eventually fixed, but another one arrived soon after. In fact, two did.

At the end of December 2020, players found out they could use Omen’s abilities while simultaneously prepping a smoke. All they had to do was pull out the smoke and then hold right-click while using any ability. This let Omen use an ability with no delay.

Another bug discovered just a few days later allowed Omen to kill enemies while inside his smoke. Players could cast Omen’s smoke and use his ultimate, From the Shadows, at the same time. This let them shoot and cast skills while still invulnerable. Once Riot caught wind of these game-breaking issues, a developer responded, “that’s a bad one.”

Riot fixed it soon after, but another Omen exploit has already appeared just weeks later. Players are exasperated that each patch has introduced a new Omen bug. It’s possible the teleporting agent will be removed from the game yet again.