How to get free VP in Valorant from Riot in 2023

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 4, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant may have pricey skins, but Riot is being generous. Right now, being nice and creative can get you some extra Valorant points for free!

Valorant skins are expensive but compared to cosmetics in other virtual games, they are reasonably priced. However, not everyone can afford luxurious skin bundles, and Riot is well aware. To make them accessible for all, the developer introduced the Night. Market, which brings individual guns at a cut price.

If you’re still short some VP, fret not, Riot’s got you! 

How to get free Valorant VP from Riot

Valorant Jett

Getting free VP from Riot and buying a weapon skin is possible, but you must convince the developer with your words or art. 

VP, short for Valorant Points, come in bundles. If your desired skin costs 1,775 VP and you only have 1,700, you don’t necessarily need to buy a whole pack of 500 just to complete the required amount. Riot doesn’t grant free bundles of thousands of VP, but it’s generous enough to give 50 at max. So, if you’re short a few points, don’t hesitate to request some from the Valorant developer. 

However, the help isn’t for all. Riot only gives extra VP to those who are talented and creative. So whether it’s a Valorant-related artwork or a genuine reason in a written form, you need something to convince Riot to give you 50 VP. Once you have your trade ready, follow these steps to contact Riot:

  1. Visit Valorant Support Page
  2. Log in with your ID
  3. Pick one of the two options: General Game & Feedback or Purchase & In-Game Content
  4. Fill out the form information and add a relevant subject line. This is to make sure that the Riot representative finds your email easily
  5. Attach your drawing or artwork or a thoughtful message. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should be eye-catching. You may also include the exact amount of VP you need 
  6. Send the ticket and wait back for a mail from Riot Games

You will receive the VP directly into your account if Riot approves of your email and responds. Make sure you use your shot wisely, and you can only request free VP once. 

Riot appreciates Valorant-related artwork when it comes to free VP. However, your art doesn’t need to be perfect. For example, one player painted Neon’s version of Sanic, a popular, badly drawn Sonic on paint, and got the desired number of VP. So, your art or message needs to be thoughtful to get Riot’s attention. 

It’s worth noting that sending a ticket doesn’t automatically make you eligible for VP. Riot may reject your request and not respond at all. Be aware that this is the only way to get free VP directly from Riot. So refrain from clicking on scam links that warrant free VP or Radianite points for Valorant.