Valorant fan one-ups Riot Games with remade Smite skin

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 28, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

A Valorant player has revamped the plain Smite knife, and the new version looks straight out of Ultra class.

Smite is one of the cheapest Valorant skins, but this reimagining by Thyros-exe transforms it in a big way. The overhauled knife is clean, whimsical, and hearkens to the League of Legends Summoner Skill of the same name.

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Riot Games has rolled out tons of over-the-top, extravagant Valorant skins that only a few can afford. But, the developer is considerate enough to deliver skins for all. Some of these select skins are affordable, but they can be a bit dull. For lower prices, players can grab these bare skins that act as fillers.

The Smite bundle was originally released in the lowest Valorant skin tier Blue Select. The knife in the collection is still one of the cheapest in Valorant for a rate of 1,750. While it’s undoubtedly visually pleasant with soft blue and silver textures, the knife doesn’t have any unique animations. The weapon’s shape is also nothing extraordinary, as it’s based on the default Valorant knife.

However, this Valorant player has taken the simple knife and turned it into something that has a feel of a lightsaber. From the presentation, it appears that Thyros’s melee would also have unique sound elements, and kill animations, unlike the Smite original. If it ever entered the game, this design would likely cost 3,550 Valorant points of Premium category, unlike the affordable Smite set that’s in Valorant

Players have approved Thyros’ recreation of Smite, but it’s unlikely it’d ever be released as an official melee. However, Riot Games has always kept an eye out for high-quality skins made by fans. While Smite isn’t the most sought-after bundle in Valorant, it’d be fun to have a 2.0 collection that has a melee weapon much like Thyros’ concept.

This isn’t the first time Thyros’ has taken Riot’s dull design and improved upon it. The artist overhauled the butterfly knife into Ion 2.0 melee, which received a great deal of praise from Valorant players. Looking at the feedback on his recent creation, it seems the community has its own designer to keep Riot Games’ skin design in check.