Valorant fan creates Omen clay figure that’s adorable, spooky

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 14, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Omen is still a fan favorite in Valorant and this tiny clay statue by a Valorant player is proof. 

Released as part of the original 10-man Valorant roster, Omen has remained a crucial agent in his own category. Even after a number of major balance patches and other additions to the lineup, players still prefer the spooky controller over other smokers. A Valorant player paid homage to the character by creating a clay figure based on him.

ValVictory has taken his Omen admiration to another level. The artist whipped up a realistic figure of the ghost agent using Polymer clay. While many players have shown their love for main agents in different ways, ValVictory’s clay work is unique and creative. His Omen appears precisely like the Riot’s virtual agent, and anyone can replicate the figure by following ValVictory’s guidelines. 

The designer has taken all the details into consideration, from the distinctive cape to the glowy design on Omen’s face. ValVictory has also incorporated the mysterious text on Omen’s attire that implies his unknown origin. No one knows where Omen hails from, and the artist has ensured that his enigmatic persona remains intact. 

Using the soft clay, the artist has added the intricate details of Omen’s hard armor. The glitter in the clay perfectly emulates a metallic look. His arm tape are also made with the same clay, but it’s tough to tell.

This art piece is certainly in the league of its own. Fortunately, ValVictory has shared a tutorial so players can create their own tiny Omens at home. 

Is Omen a good controller in Valorant?

Omen has long been the best controller in Valorant and newer agents have failed to change that. Unlike other agents, Omen can send his smokes through the walls, making him a viable asset on most maps. 

In Episode 3, Act 2, Omen is one of the best controllers to pick. Due to the addition of more complex and more expansive maps like Breeze and Fracture, Omen has become a must-pick. His ultimate comes in handy on vast locations where he can carry the Spike and plant it while his team distracts the enemies. Coupled with other abilities, Omen proves to be a valuable asset on most maps in the current patch.