Valorant fan creates a real-life version of the Glitchpop dagger

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 7, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

A Valorant player has brought the game’s premium and high-demand Glitchpop dagger to life in his 3D creation.

Riot Games’ tactical shooter has changed the FPS genre with the twist of abilities, but that’s not all that keeps players hooked to Valorant. The pricey animated skins add to the game’s entertainment value, and while they may cost big bucks, they’re worth every penny.

Valorant’s extravagant skins can put a strain on your wallet, and not everyone can afford the premium ones. Riot Games continue to roll out cheap sets so that everyone can enjoy the game, but some melee weapons are nonpareil. A few Valorant players own exquisite Glitchpop dagger due to its hefty price tag, so this artist went ahead and created his own real-life version.

Peerless Props has created a 3D Valorant knife using wood, dough, and other equipment, and it looks precisely like Riot Games’ melee.

Here is how the Valorant Glitchpop dagger was created IRL

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The artist shared a video of his knife where he showcased the black dagger in all its glory. The melee had the colors of Riot’s knife, with a vivid handle and a black blade lined with silver metal. Glitchpop’s geometrical design is tricky to follow, but Peerless Props has copied every little detail to match the original design.

The subtle texture on the black body has also been taken into consideration, adding the classic Valorant touch to the melee. All in all, Peerless Props’ knife looks exactly like the one Riot gives away to the content creators and a few chosen ones.

Peerless props built the basic foundation on wood to achieve a realistic look. He took exact measurements from the game files and used a drill machine to engrave similar grooves, lines, and textures. He used epoxy clay to create corners of the melee and then attached all body parts were with heavy-duty glue and equipment that may not be available in your everyday toolbox.

Finally, the artist spray-painted the knife in Glitchpop bundle colors known for their preppy aura. It’s one of the most upbeat, animated collections in the game, and Peerless Props managed to replicate just that. His editing on the inspect screen made the whole product ten times better. The inspect element matched the exact Valorant movement, and on the backdrop of Breeze, it looked insanely accurate.

Fans and players loved his 3D version and requested to sell the knife on commission. The artist would likely continue to roll out more Valorant weapons, considering the wholesome reaction from the community of players.