Valorant developers roll back patch 1.11 due to technical issues

Olivia Richman • October 28, 22:45

Valorant patch 1.11 was a big one. It introduced new agent Skye, added Icebox to the ranked map pool, and brought some new balance changes to existing agents. 

But all of these changes have brought big technical problems along with them. Valorant developers took to Twitter to inform players that patch 1.11 was being “rolled back” due to it being a “technical nightmare.” North America, Brazil, and the LATAM server have since had the patch removed. Other regions had the update delayed until there is a fix. 

Valorant devs noted that the patch will be redeployed later in the week. 

According to a follow-up tweet on the official Valorant account, the team is looking for a “less disruptive time” for Valorant First Strike Qualifiers as well. 

Developers also noted that players who started the Skye character contract won’t be able to progress until the patch is reintroduced. Progress players already made won’t be lost.

One concerned Valorant player asked what would happen if they already bought Skye. Developers reassured them that Skye will be available again once the patch returns, meaning nobody will have to buy the new agent a second time. 

The Reaver skin bundle will most likely not arrive today either due to the patch rollback. Valorant game director Joe “Hephastopheles” Ziegler tweeted out some words of reassurance for players concerned about the patch. 

“For clarity, when we rollback a patch it means we put the game files back to the last state it was in. This means we remove some files, change some files back to what they were. In terms of progress you made, that stays, as it is saved to the account. Hopefully that helps!” Hephastopheles explained. 

What caused Valorant to roll back patch 1.11?

Players have already begun to discuss what exactly caused the roll back from patch 1.11. It seems there was a lot of noticeable issues before Valorant developers made the announcement. This includes Omen’s smoke ability showing Sage when she’s inside of it, Viper’s ultimate and Brimstone’s smokes became clear and hollow inside, and Reyna and Omen’s blinds not working properly. When players picked up Cypher’s trap they also noticed that they didn’t get it back. 

Players also noted that gun buddies were no longer properly working, there were random bullet tracers appearing around the map, and that agent bar was looking a bit wonky. 

All of these issues led a lot of fans to say this was one of the worst patches for Valorant thus far. Of course, once the technical issues are under control, players will likely be pleased with the new map and agent. 


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