Valorant patch 1.11 update buffs Killjoy, Skye will now be available to play

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 27, 2020

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The Valorant 1.11 patch notes are finally out after much anticipation. Skye and Icebox are certainly the highlights of this patch. However, there have been some significant changes to agents as well. 


Killjoy Valorant patch 1.1

Killjoy receives some major buffs in patch 1.11, making her deadlier for opponents. The German agent’s Alarmbot will become mightier as opponents will only be able to detect it from seven meters instead of nine.

The patch further favors killjoy by decreasing Alarmbot redeploy time from 20 seconds to seven seconds, enabling the sentinel to move the alarm bot quicker and place it elsewhere multiple times in one round. 

Opponents won’t be able to detect Killjoy’s nano swarm from a distance of more than 3.5m after the patch 1.11 update. By the time enemies observe the agent’s Nanoswarm, they’ll already be too close to make it out unscathed. To make it even more fatal, the developer has increased the damage from the previous 40 to 45 seconds. The hit will now be smoother and quicker as compared to before. 

The agent experiences a minor nerf to her turret and Alarmbot. The two machines will be disabled if the agent is 40 meter away from them. For example, Alarmbot placed at A entrance of Ascent will automatically be disabled if you move a bit farther than mid-market. 


Breach is one of the three agents who got the developer’s attention in the recent patch. Players already believed that the addition of one more flash in patch 1.07 to breach’s inventory made him overpowered. The developer has now added a minor buff which will enable the initiator to flash the enemies for a bit longer than before. 

Icebox’s addition to the competitive map pool

Skye’s addition and icebox’s entry to competitive were the most awaited parts of patch 1.11. New map Icebox was previously available only on unranked mode. Patch 1.11 adds Icebox to competitive map rotations, adding a change of scenery for serious Valorant players. 

Agent Skye will finally be available to play after the recent update. The developers dropped the news of agents addition before the release of act Ill and fans have been waiting on Skye ever since. 

Other updates in Patch 1.11

  • The developers make Cypher irrelevant in recent updates once he dies. The tripwires and camera will become useless and visible to enemies upon dying.
  • Reduced wait time for players in the unranked queue. This is only applicable for the highest-rank players in the current update. 
  • Players will be able to swap their view model as patch 1.11 introduces the left-hand model. 


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