Valorant developers confirm Chamber nerfs are coming soon

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 20, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Chamber is next line to get significant nerfs to his kit, Valorant developers teased. The overpowered sentinel has long been on the developer’s radar.

Few new characters in Valorant had the immediate impact Chamber did. Within weeks of his release, the agent’s pick rate took off, making him a centerpiece of all gaming-winning compositions. In the current patch, Chamber is absolutely dominating the queues as one of the best agents across all categories. Players have sent a litany of complaints to Riot regarding Chamber’s viability and it seems the developer is listening.

A Valorant game designer has revealed that a Chamber rebalance is in the cards. Here’s what that could entail.

Chamber nerfs

Is Chamber too OP in Valorant? 

Statistics confirm that Chamber is a meta-defining agent, which means it’s time he faced the nerf hammer. Fortunately, the devs are well-aware of his strong performance in professional and casual Valorant games. 

In a Reddit thread, the designer responded to Chamber complaints. Players called out the devs for nerfing the wrong part of Chamber’s kit, his Trademark, as he is still being picked generously. An 80% pick rate in professional games shows that he no longer plays like a balanced Sentinel. Compared with Killjoy, Sage, and Cypher, Chamber seems to belong to a completely different category.

Previously, the developer made Trademark a bit pricier and reduced its charges by one, forcing him to stay more passive. These changes didn’t drastically impact Chamber’s playstyle. Since he recently got nerfed, many believe that more changes aren’t happening soon. However, the developer has clarified that developers are aware of the imbalance. 

“To be clear, the balance changes are very much still coming soon,” they said. 

The potential nerfs may happen to his Rendezvous or Headhunter, abilities that help him aggress and escape situations at will. Boosting the price of each golden bullet may force Chamber players to make better economic decisions. It remains to be seen which part the developer targets to dial Chamber back. 

So, players should try to ride out the current act with an overpowered Chamber and keep their fingers crossed for the future. The sentinel will soon get the necessary fixes, according to the developer.