Valorant data miners uncover new top tier ranked leaderboard

By Olivia Richman


Dec 14, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant’s points-based ranked ladder for its high-tier competitors is closer to release than players may think. 

In October, Valorant game director Joe Ziegler told fans of Riot’s tactical shooter that a leaderboard based on points would be added for players at the top levels of the game. At the time, Ziegler tweeted that there wasn’t an arrival date for this update, but assured players that Riot developers were actively working on it. 

Later, developers hinted that the leaderboard would be coming along with Valorant’s second episode, which arrives in early 2021. 

While this seems far away, Valorant data miners have already uncovered hints about the ranked system in the game’s files. A Twitter account called ValorLeaks showed some strings in the game that were added after the latest patch. It states: “At Immortal and above, your Ranked Rating Points will continue to accrue.” 

What will Valorant’s new ranked leaderboard be like? 

Currently, Valorant’s ranked system doesn’t inspire players at the top-tier ranks to continue climbing. Top players often complained that there was no reason to keep playing once they reached these top ranks. There just wasn’t much to do after climbing to the top. 

The new leaderboard will supposedly allow Immortal players and above to keep acquiring an infinite number of points. One line in the files stated that it would take “100 ranked points” to rank up, which is similar to how League of Legends players need to keep getting points to climb to the next tier. As in LoL, players in Valorant would be separated by points rather than tiers, meaning they’d always have to fight to remain at the top. 

Riot hasn’t made any official statements about the ranked leaderboard, meaning there’s still not a lot players know about it. 

Who is the highest ranked Valorant player?

Near the end of October, Valorant showed the NA ranked leaderboard leaders. Many of them are signed with top teams in the Valorant esports scene. They are: 

  • AsunaCS, 100 Thieves
  • BcJ, unsigned, but formerly of T1
  • supamen, Dignitas
  • HUYNH, Gen. G Esports
  • THWIFO, Xset
  • Eeiu, NRG esports
  • Skadoodle, T1
  • Wardell, TSM


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