Is dafran coming back to streaming on Twitch soon?

By Olivia Richman


Jun 29, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

It’s been a month since Daniel “Dafran” Francesca has updated his Twitter. He hasn’t been seen on Twitch for the past 30 days. Will the former Overwatch League pro and popular content creator ever return to streaming on Twitch? 

Dafran’s last tweet was a TwitLonger he posted on June 2. The short announcement stated that he was “starting on an education” revolving around growing fruits and vegetables. The sudden shift in career was due to Dafran claiming he needed to do what makes him happy. 

“I have already spent one-third of my life on the computer,” Dafran added

Will Dafran come back to streaming on Twitch?

In the TwitLonger, Dafran concluded that he was not going to stream regularly anymore, although he will “stream for fun” moving forward in rare instances. But so far, it seems like Dafran hasn’t returned to social media at all. 

A quick search revealed that Dafran hasn’t updated his Facebook accounts in over a year, at least when it comes to public posts. His profile photos are both pictures of him in his Overwatch League jersey, dating them back quite a long time.

On Instagram, Dafran hasn’t posted since May 3. His most recent post is a photo of him squinting into the sun outside, with a caption discussing how “amazing” it felt to reach the highest rank in Valorant during the game’s closed beta. 

Dafran leaving Twitch

Without any further hint of public activity on social media, it seems that Dafran was very definitely serious about leaving streaming behind for a different lifestyle. But it remains unclear what his next steps were after the sudden change.

Why did Dafran leave Twitch? 

While it’s currently impossible to know if Dafran is out somewhere growing fruits and vegetables, it was no secret that Dafran was growing tired of playing video games for many hours each day. 

When the Valorant closed beta arrived, Dafran immediately abandoned Overwatch, a game he was once playing on the Blizzard Arena stage as an OWL pro. When some fans asked him to switch back to playing Overwatch, Dafran was very visibly aggravated

“Dude, the people here are not watching for Overwatch. We don’t care about that. We care about this game. This game is fun. You’re in the wrong place my dude,” Dafran said to one insistent viewer. 

He then banned the viewer for his question about playing Overwatch. 

Dafran explained to his fans that his would be a Valorant stream “for a long time,” and that he would only get bored if he reached a plateau. Unfortunately, that happened much sooner than later. 

A month after reaching the highest rank in Valorant during the game’s closed beta, Dafran went on stream to complain about how boring the game had already become

“I reached the highest rank. So why even play? What do you do after reaching Valorant? Nothing.” Dafran said.

The former Overwatch pro then switched back to playing Overwatch. 

Dafran received a lifetime ban from Valorant tournaments hosted by Solary soon after for making “disrespectful remarks.” In response, the former streamer told the organization to “suck [his] ball sack.” This led to a seven-day ban on Twitch. 

It’s possible that Dafran was getting sick of the stress and repetition of being a full-time streamer. He is known for making rash decisions like this dating back to his Overwatch League days. At one point, Dafran had suddenly retired from the OWL just to return shortly after, only to then retire once more. 

Dafran retired to return to the “comfy streamer life” in the spring of 2019. But it seems that streaming had also become a source of stress and frustration for the popular personality. 

It’s unclear if Dafran will ever return to streaming. It’s also unclear where he has gone since disappearing from the internet. But many of his fans are still anxiously awaiting his return. 


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