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Valorant cheater gets roasted on the internet for being bad

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 10, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant has its fair share of cheaters, but few are daring enough to be blatant about it. This TikToker went ahead and streamed live with cheats on. 

Riot Games has always been transparent regarding cheaters and bad actors: they are not welcome in Valorant. Reports and video proofs lead to instant bans from the game, which is why Valorant is still somewhat safe from serial cheaters. If anything, such players are too scared to do it blatantly. 

However, a streamer shared his live gameplay on TikTok with cheats on, and Valorant players are losing it. Not because it’s unfair, but because the Valorant cheater just sucks at the game. 

The hacker was playing on Breeze as Brimstone, which is questionable on its own due to the agent’s limited range with smokes. All enemies were exposed on the screen thanks to some pricey hacks. The cheater only had to stroll through the map and shoot them to win the game. But that is not what happened. 

Initially, the video drew hate from the fans of Valorant, tagging the developer to punish the cheater. But, after being distributed to the broader community, the players’ anger was replaced by laughter and mockery. Despite having cheats enabled, the hacker could barely land a kill. Not just that, he had difficulty using the simplest ability in the game, Brimstone’s minimap. 

While it was undoubtedly funny for most, some players are still angry. Hopefully, Riot could find out the culprit and punish them aptly. 

How to report a Valorant cheater

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Riot Games heavily encourages players to report bad actors as this is one of the developer’s primary sources to uncover the cheaters. So if you have a bad feeling about a player or notice your teammate cheating, you should instantly file a complaint. Here’s how: 

  • Press the escape key and right-click on the name of the suspicious player
  • Click on “Report”
  • Select the type of complaint. In this case: Cheating. 
  • Hit the “Report” button

If multiple players report the same person, Riot may investigate the case. Once the cheater has been banned, you will get a notification from the developer.