DRX following the victory over LOUD at VCT Champions

Valorant Champions Tour 2024 rules explained, season start date, transfers, and more

By George Geddes


Sep 7, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The rules for the Valorant Champions Tour for next year have been released to the public, with the circuit set to begin at the start of 2024.

The VCT season is expected to begin next year following the conclusion of Valorant Champions last month, which saw North American team Evil Geniuses crowned as the best team in the world.

There is expected to be a series of smaller off-season events to fill the time between Champions and the start of VCT 2024, which will begin on Feb. 1 and conclude on Oct. 7, which is a much longer season than this year.

Transfer window, rules explained, and more

The transfer window is a period throughout the off-season in which organizations in the three partnered leagues will be eligible to sign players to the team.

Up until Sept. 11, teams have been unable to sign players, but some have practiced and trialed, with rosters being prepared around the world prior to the start date.

Some players have even been released prior to the transfer window to allow other organizations to pick up the player when the window opens. For example, Cloud9 player Jordan “Zellsis” Montemurro parted ways with the organization, he announced yesterday.

Zellsis will be one of the many players in search of a new home prior to the start of the season next year.

The transfer window will be much longer than this year, however, since it will close in July 2024.

Many of the other rules remain the same, but there is a new system in place this year that will allow teams to partner with a Challengers team to initiate a loan system. Players will be eligible for call-ups to a team in the international leagues if they are on the Challengers team partnered with them.