Valorant Reverie skin bundle is loud, yet understated

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 15, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The new Valorant bundle Reverie is divine, quite literally. For the new skins, the developer has opted for holy stained glass. 

Riot Games recently added another time-limited rare bundle to Valorant dubbed VCT LOCK//IN capsule. Featuring four vibrant melees, the collection was an instant hit among fans, and Riot has more bangers in store. The latest skin addition is simple yet loud, perfect for skin fans who like bright colors yet minimal animations. 

Reverie is an ode to the high art of stained glass in churches. While many may not like the bundle for being too plain, it’s actually quite unique. Valorant doesn’t have a single gun that’s immersive yet understated like Reverie. 

The Reverie bundle is covered in glass, inspired by the art found on church windows and walls. Due to the glass effect, the skins should feel lightweight when equipped. It’s unknown if they have any special effects or sound elements, but that won’t likely be the case. Reverie looks like a bundle that’s all about colors and a soft theme. 

The Reverie bundle will be available for the following weapons.

  • Marshal
  • Phantom
  • Guardian
  • Melee
  • Classic

The bundle’s price is also unknown, but if it doesn’t have VFX, it should be released in standard premium at 7,100 Valorant Points. If the bundle lacks variants and other items, it could also be slotted into Deluxe with an even cheaper price tag of 5,100 VP for the full bundle and 1,274 per skin. All of this will be revealed soon by Riot Games, as only ValorLeaks has leaked the first look yet. 

Players can buy the Reverie bundle from the store starting on February 15, but Riot has yet to announce it officially. It might rotate alongside the VCT LOCK//IN capsule and would stay in the market until the end of the act. This has previously happened with the Arcane bundle, which was placed at the store alongside another collection.