Valorant Arcane Collector set, Radiant Crisis 001 skins includes baseball bat

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 2, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has unveiled a brand new skin bundle, which is a treat for baseball fans. 

A new Valorant bundle has introduced a new melee weapon into the game. The Radiant Crisis collection comes with a baseball bat that is equally hilarious and cut-throat. 

Players have long been waiting for premium edition skins with unique kill banners and animations. The Radiant Crisis bundle is a bit on the minimal side, but it comes with its own kill finisher and a melee that makes up for dull colors. The past few bundles were wrapped in vivid skins, so this grey-silver collection is a much-needed addition to the arsenal. 

The developer recently rolled out loud skin bundles in Spectrum, Valorant GO! Vol. 2, and Nunca Olvidados. These skins had classic FPS-style melee weapons, but the new bundle adds the typical Riot touch to the game. The Radiant Crisis will introduce a baseball melee in the game for the first time and will have custom visual effects. 

Here are all the weapons in the Radiant Crisis skin bundle

  • Radiant Crisis Classic
  • Radiant Crisis Spectre
  • Radiant Crisis Phantom 
  • Radiant Crisis Bucky
  • Radiant Crisis baseball bat

How much does the Radiant Crisis bundle cost?

The baseball bundle is released into the premium category, which costs 71,00 Valorant points. This means that each weapon skin should come for 1,775, whereas the melee should cost 3,550 Valorant points. 

The Radiant Crisis should be released with the new Valorant Episode 3 Act III set for November 3rd. 

RiotX Arcane event to offer free Valorant Arcane pass

Arcane is coming to Netflix, and Riot Games is making sure that players across all titles are informed. The developer has announced League of Legends’ Arcane-themed content for all games, including Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, and Valorant. 

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To commemorate the event, the developer has added a mini bundle to the game for the first time. The Arcane bundle will cost 2800 Valorant points and will feature fun items. Here’s everything included in the themed collection. 

  • Arcane Sheriff
  • Monkey Business gun buddy
  • Arcane Mysteries player card
  • Jinx title
  • Tag! You’re Dead spray

It’s a limited collection and will be available from November 5 to November 22.