Valorant agent 22 Gekko leaked, and Riot isn’t pleased

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 4, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant agent 22 Gekko has been leaked, and developers aren’t happy.

Recently, ValorLeaks did some digging and found the name of Valorant agent 22, Gekko. Nothing more was yet known, and Riot’s official teasers were doing a great job of creating hype. From Gekko arguing with Reyna over purple hair to annoying “Beard Papi,” the teasers gave away his chirpy personality but nothing more. 

Now, Valorant soothsayers have leaked the first look of Gekko, the green-haired initiator. 

Gekko was officially set to be unveiled at VCT LOCK//IN finals on March 4. The official release date is still almost a month away, but players will get a full rundown of their toolkit. However, it has now been leaked hours before the match that Gekko is a petite initiator from Spain. 

But, Valorant developers aren’t happy. Many agents in Valorant saw the same fate, being leaked along with their complete toolkits weeks before the official reveal. Which is why Riot tweaked how content creator early access worked. Streamers now play the agent after the official reveal, but the details are invariably leaked by others before Riot can do something about it. 

That’s precisely what happened this time around as well. But, at least, Gekko’s toolkit and abilities are still unknown. From the looks, he seems like Raze’s twin. Both share a love of bright colors and toys and have cheerful personalities. Gekko also appears to be close with Reyna, a rare case in Valorant lore. 

Players will learn more about the Spanish agent during the VCT LOCK//IN finals on March 4.

Valorant agent 22 release date

Agent 22 release date is still a month away, but players can get a close look at what abilities and play with this agent would look like in the VCT LOCK//IN. As per reports, Gekko will enter the squad in Episode 6, Act 3, expected to kick off sometime in late April.