Uzi shows he’s still got it with pentakill in LPL showmatch

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Retired bot lane superstar Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao returned to the stage recently for an LPL showmatch to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Chinese pro League of Legends, and he didn’t let down his fans.   

In an LPL showmatch with legends such as Yan “Letme” Jun-Ze and Liu “Mlxg” Shi-Yu, Uzi got to showcase his iconic Vayne in all its glory. After being behind for most of the game, Uzi popped off in a big team fight around Baron against an enemy team buffed up with the Cloud Soul. 

In classic Uzi fashion, he kited around on his Vayne while dishing out a lot of damage. The play culminated in a 2v3 where Uzi dodged all abilities Yasuo and Syndra had to throw at him. After the opponents were out of cooldown, Uzi found the right timing to finish off the two remaining champions and secure the pentakill. 

Following the pentakill, Uzi and the rest of his team managed to make the unexpected comeback. Uzi finished the game after 39 action-packed minutes with an impressive 14/4/11 scoreline. 

Even though it was a showmatch played for fun between former figures in the Chinese League of Legends scene, the play alone shows that Uzi still has the x-factor that he was known for while playing as a professional. Now almost two years after his last professional match, Uzi is still showing why he was considered the best bot laner in the world when he was actively playing. 

Is Uzi still playing League of Legends?

Besides his appearance in the LPL showmatch, Uzi is still playing League of Legends actively despite being retired as a professional player. Like many other retired players, Uzi is an avid streamer and still keeps up his form in the game. While he is likely not at the level he once was when playing with RNG in the LPL, he has still delivered some impressive solo queue outplays live on his stream

Even though many had hoped that Uzi would return to professional play with his health condition improving, that isn’t looking to be the case. Instead, Uzi founded a brand new esports organization called Ultra Fantastic Gaming (UFG). This organization will be targeting Wild Rift as the first game and try to capitalize on the huge mobile gaming market in China. 

Whether Uzi and UFG will be entering League of Legends is unknown, but it could happen in the future as the superstar’s interest for the game surely hasn’t disappeared. 


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