Starfield Xbox

Use this Starfield puddle glitch to become rich

By Olivia Richman


Sep 18, 2023

Reading time: 1 min

Leave it to Bethesda to have a ton of glitches in Starfield. It’s nothing new to see NPCs floating or disappearing into the wall, but there’s a very obscure glitch in Starfield that can get you unlimited credits known as the puddle glitch.

Credits are much-needed in Starfield. They can help you purchase weapons, ammo, clothing, and other important materials and health items. You can even use credits to bribe other characters. If you don’t want to scrounge for credits, there is luckily a well-known glitch that can make you rich almost instantly.

Here’s how to do it.

How to use the puddle glitch in Starfield

To use the puddle glitch in Starfield, you’ll need to head to Akila City once you’re on the planet Akila, located in the Cheyenne system.

After you land, head through the main gate and go towards Shepard’s General Store on your left. You’ll see two puddles on the ground in front of the shop, one bigger than the other.

Focus on the smaller puddle, adjusting yourself so that you can make out the contents of a chest. It may take a bit to line up correctly, including moving the camera around as well. But once you see the chest, you can take what’s inside to sell.

If you wait 24 hours in-game, you can reset the chest’s inventory. Sit down in front of Shepard’s General Store until it has been 24 hours or more and then repeat the puddle glitch.

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