CS2 Italy

Upgraded Italy has arrived in CS2

By Olivia Richman


Aug 16, 2023

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A reimagined Italy has arrived in Counter-Strike 2.

The Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test just received a new update, which included the removal of Anubis and Ancient in favor of Italy. The map is now available for Deathmatch and casual game modes.

The map looks brand new with vibrant lighting and detailed textures. But Italy’s changes are more than just cosmetic. Developers also added two new connector areas.

CS2 Italy map upgrade

CS2 Italy
CS2 Italy
CS2 Italy

Engineer and CS2 leaker ThourCS took to Twitter to show a detailed before-and-after look at Italy. In the video, you can see that the map is a lot more vibrant with a lot more natural lighting. The color is warmer instead of shady and cool.

The details added to the various outdoor vendors are also a major upgrade. The buildings are also full of life and have a lot more similarities to the old school buildings in Italy that tourists find so charming.

Full CS2 Limited Test patch notes

Competitive and Private Matchmaking are currently disabled in the Limited Test
Minor adjustments to smoke cloud shape

[ MAPS ]
Added Italy to Deathmatch and Casual game modes
Removed Anubis and Ancient

Unified StatTrak position on both CS2 M4 models to not occlude stickers
Adjusted sticker sizes on CS2 M4A4 so they no longer overlap

[ MISC ]
Updated hostage models

Audio mix tweaks and adjustments

Added support for multiple team introduction variants


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