UltimoGG launches free EU CSGO tournament with £7,500 prize pool

Kenneth Williams • January 7, 21:43

UltimoGG’s free Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament is a great way to kick off your esports career.

All CSGO players across Europe can sign up for the free tournament thanks to UltimoGG. The next-generation esports event platform is advertising its services with a £7,500 prize pool. Teams can sign up for two single-elimination qualifier events starting January 8 and January 15, respectively. The top eight squads will advance to a final 16-team playoff bracket for the £7,500 prize. The event is part of a new UltimoGG series across multiple games to celebrate the new year.

While there is no cash prize for the qualifiers, teams that fail to finish in the top eight of the first qualifier may try again in the second. Signups for the free CSGO tournament are open until the day of the competition.

The event is open to all CSGO teams within the EU region. Squads will need to submit their five-player lineup with up to two official substitutes available. Only one player needs to go through the signup process, but all members will need to confirm their eligibility through the UltimoGG website. The site will automatically create lobbies for the event. A full list of the event’s rules and regulations is available on the qualifier tournament pages.

How to sign up for free Ultimo CSGO tournaments

There are two free chances to compete in the upcoming 2022 UltimoGG CSGO series.

The first qualifier will be held on Saturday, January 8, 2022. Registration for UltimoGG Series Qualifier #1 is open until the day of the competition. Captains can exclusively sign up for the free CSGO tournament through ChallengerMode. 

Teams that fail to qualify for the £7,500 playoffs still have a chance through UltimoGG Series Qualifier #2. The second preliminary event starts on Saturday, January 15. This event is effectively the exact same as the first qualifier, but there’s currently only a fraction of the signups. If you can’t attend Qualifier #1, you still have a good shot at advancing to the playoffs through the second event.


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