UltimoGG brings a new chance to compete for Dota 2 players

Steven Rondina • January 6, 10:00

The new Dota Pro Circuit gives more players than ever before an opportunity for a shot at esports glory in The International, but it has also choked out a lot of the tier-two and tier-three tournaments that allowed developing talent to emerge on the scene. Companies like UltimoGG are looking to fix that by providing new opportunities to aspiring Dota 2 competitors.

UltimoGG is running a Dota 2 tournament in conjunction with Challengermode for European players looking to get a feel for serious play in the UltimoGG Series. It’s open to Dota 2 players of all shapes and ranks, so whether you’re a fresh upstart, an established veteran looking to stay active, or a complete casual, this is the event for you. 

The UltimoGG Series is a tournament with a sizable £7,500 prize pool, which translates to approximately $8,500. There are two sets of qualifiers lined up to take place later on in January, both of which are completely free to enter.

The first qualifier takes place on Sunday January 9, with the second qualifier coming a week later on January 16. Teams have the chance to register until just shortly before either qualifier begins, with action kicking off at 16:00 UTC. The confirmation of participation comes 45 minutes before that.

Up to 128 teams can register for either qualifier, with teams competing in a single-elimination bracket. The top eight teams from each qualifier move onto the playoffs, which will be held on January 23, a week after the second qualifier completes. The playoffs are also to be contested in single-elimination fashion, with the 16 qualified teams fighting it out for the lion’s share of the £7,500 prize pool. The complete rules for the event can be found on the event’s official page.

The UltimoGG Series is a large network of events that takes place across multiple prominent esports titles including League of Legends, EA Sports’ FIFA series, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and more. The tournament organizer offers a solid start for aspiring players and the opportunity to get practice in a serious competitive environment.

All of this is free of charge, so make sure to sign up for the event on Challengermode. Those who need help putting together a full stack of players can look for help on Ultimo GG’s Discord channel.


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