Twitch uses clip from banned streamer Mexican Andy to promote Fortnite

By Olivia Richman


Sep 27, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

It’s not only Twitch’s new color palette that’s garnering attention. 

The streaming platform used a clip from streamer Mexican Andy to promote Fortnite on their new Watch tab. The seemingly innocent clip shows Mexican Andy doing the “Best Mates” dance after getting a Victory Royale.

But many were left wondering why Twitch chose to give Mexican Andy such strong placement when he has been banned from the platform for two years at this point. 

Rod “Slasher” Breslau discussed this on Twitter, saying “of the literal tens of thousands of different clips Twitch could have picked to represent Fortnite, the biggest game on the entire site, they chose this one. It’s just extremely poor optics.” 

Mexican Andy himself chimed in as well, tweeting “I just woke up from being drunk and all I gotta say is, ‘Wtf LMAOO.'” 

What makes the choice of clip even weirder is that Mexican Andy’s awkward dance moves were first streamed to YouTube, due to him serving a suspension from Twitch at the time. He re-uploaded it to Twitch when he was allowed back on the website. 

When Twitch realized the clip was of a permanently banned streamer, it removed the footage from their website. 

Mexican Andy continued controversy


The IRL streamer was part of the now-defunct CX Network before his Twitch channel was suspended. Now, Mexican Andy is a full-time YouTube vlogger with 43,700 subscribers. 

Mexican Andy’s account was suspended multiple times after January 2017 before his permanent ban from Twitch. The TOS strikes were due to his controversial actions on and off camera, as well as his inappropriate interactions with women. 

Mexican Andy once received a ban 24 hours after announcing that he had an invitation to TwitchCon, highlighting how committed he was to being shocking on his streams. 

Despite his ban from Twitch two years ago, Mexican Andy has continued to stay in the public eye. Last year, the YouTuber attracted Reddit’s attention for getting forcibly removed from Anime Expo. 

Mexican Andy also recorded 50 Mexican migrants attempting to cross the US border during a trip he took to Tijuana. After ABC News 10 picked up the footage for their broadcast, Mexican Andy told them the situation was “shocking.” He had even seen them cutting parts of the fence to get through. 

The clip from the news shows families, including children, rushing to get across the border. 


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