Twitch streamer arrested for abusing toddler on live broadcast

Olivia Richman • December 20, 20:20

A Twitch streamer was arrested for abusing her toddler on a live broadcast earlier this month. 

A since deleted tweet of the clip showed TTV_MajesticUnicorn roughly tossing her child around and even biting him in one shocking instance. The clip’s description alleged that she was frustrated with the baby for interrupting her eight-hour Fortnite session. 

The 31-year-old was charged with one count of assault for the offense. She is scheduled to appear in court on January 17, 2020. Meanwhile, her children have been taken to a safe location, according to the Calgary Police Service. 

The Calgary Police Service’s official Facebook released a statement on the matter, which included a thank you to the public and the media for “bringing this video to our attention.” They then urged people to report these kinds of videos to the police instead of just sharing them on social media channels. 

“In this case we were able to act swiftly to locate the children to ensure their wellbeing, thanks to those who quickly reported the video,” Child Abuse Unit Staff Sgt. Peter Siegenthaler said. 

Streamer child abuse arrest


When the clip first went viral on December 16, many viewers were disturbed by what they were seeing. 

“If she is willing to do this ON STREAM I can only imagine what she does to that baby OFF STREAM. Take her child from her and put her in jail, please, Child Protective Services. This is disgusting,” one tweet read. 

One Twitter user actually found MajesticUnicorn’s Twitter profile, tagging her in a tweet that called her a “useless excuse of a mother.” 

The Twitch streamer in question actually responded at that point, telling the user who called her out “someone with too much time on their hands.” She then accused them of “being rude to people” they didn’t personally know. But it didn’t seem like Twitch was on her side, as she was soon permanently banned from the streaming platform. 

Another user on Twitter called the clip “disturbing,” and noted that banning her channel would sadly not stop the abuse. 

Days later, MajesticUnicorn was arrested and her children were taken away. This was the best possible outcome for the children, since it was also revealed that the father of MajesticUnicorn’s children was caught on stream exhibiting similarly abusive behavior. 

A Twitter user stated that they had let the Calgary Police Service know about these disturbing clips. Meanwhile, the father’s Twitch channel has also been banned. 


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