All we know about Bron, the mysterious dinosaur in Poppy Playtime

By Fariha Bhatti


May 9, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Poppy Playtime has many toys that underwent difficult conditions and experiments, but some suffered a poor fate even after turning into a toy. One such toy is Bron. 

In Poppy Playtime, toys are all orphans who were put through basic tests and puzzles to be recruited into Playtime Co.’s horrific project. The company would turn children into toys, leaving them to roam around the factory haunting each other — and sometimes other employees. But not all toys are children. 

Among orphaned toys, one turned into a toy as an adult. Here’s what we know about Bron.

Who is Bron in Poppy Playtime? 

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Bron is a one-of-a-kind toy that, as an adult, made the conscious choice to become a plaything. Released 11 years after Poppy, he’s one of the oldest toys in the factory. 

With his round head, shiny red body, and a sense of humor, Bron looks like an average cute toy. Except he isn’t. Inside Bron, there’s a 59-year-old adult who made the decision to be turned into a toy. In 1961, a man named Thomas was diagnosed with lung cancer and lived the last few months of his life. Since he was a Playtime Co. employee, and experiments at that time were mostly successful, he asked to be transformed into a dinosaur. 

Experiment 1199 of Bron was successful, but it cost Thomas his sanity. Quickly after becoming a toy, Thomas lost his memories and was extremely confused and anxious. When he was left among other toys, it didn’t take long for orphans to realize he wasn’t one of them. This resulted in a savage attack against Bron, which prompted Playtime Co. to keep him in a solitary cell. 

So, Thomas did become immortal, but only to live a sad, lonely life. 

Does Bron appear in Poppy Playtime Chapter 3?

Bron doesn’t appear in Chapter 3, but he makes a brief appearance in Rejected Room in Chapter 2: Fly in a Web. 

Although Bron acts as a hurdle for The Player, he is not depicted as a monster. He stands on a platform and can be removed by the player using a crane, allowing them to continue the mission.