Twitch streamer allegedly shoots home invader during livestream

By Olivia Richman


Oct 25, 2022

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Twitch streamer MattDamnit reportedly shot a home invader while live.

Twitch streamer MattDamnit went live on October 23 to play League of Legends with his small community. A little over eight minutes into the stream, however, MattDamnit heard someone come into his home.

“Get the f— out of here,” he said off-camera.

After the warning, viewers heard a gun shot. There was then four more shots. Then a woman’s voice could be heard telling someone to stay inside the house while she said she was about to call the police. Ten minutes later, police sirens could be heard outside MattDamnit’s house and there was a lot of muffled talking off screen.

Thirty minutes into the stream, MattDamnit returned to his computer and ended the broadcast.

The video has currently been taken down from Twitch, but some content creators have shared it on YouTube.

For now, the story hasn’t been confirmed by any police logs or official reports. This has left some skeptical of the alleged home invasion and confrontation. Some felt it was strange he didn’t start with headphones on. Others wondered why there wasn’t any screaming.

At the moment, MattDamnit has 750 followers on Twitch. He’s a small streamer that plays Overwatch 2 and League of Legends. His Twitter and Instagram are both private, so it’s difficult to say if he has since updated his followers on the shocking situation.

What is swatting?

MattDamnit wasn’t swatted. If the incident were real, it was most likely a home invasion gone awry and a subsequent police phone call to discuss the situation.

But many streamers have had police arrive at their doors unannounced, usually breaking in and bearing weapons. This is due to something called swatting, which is when someone watching a streamer will find out their address and then tell the police that something suspicious or dangerous is happening at that location.

Since it’s usually said to be a hostage situation or something of similar importance, police will often barge into the streamer’s home with weapons already out. This has unfortunately led to some deaths in the gaming community. It’s a dangerous prank with serious consequences.


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