Twitch Rivals Ultimate Challenge

Twitch Rivals: Ultimate Challenge schedule, competitors

By Olivia Richman


Nov 5, 2021

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Some of the most popular streamers on Twitch are currently in Las Vegas competing in the Twitch Rivals: Ultimate Challenge.

This live event started November 4 and is continuing today, bringing a blend of IRL physical challenges and video game-related competitions together for a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience. This is the first major live event Twitch has held since 2019.

32 creators were flown to Las Vegas to create 16 duos for the Twitch Rivals: Ultimate Challenge. This includes Felix “xQc” Lengyel, Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkemp, Thomas “Sodapoppin” Morris, Blair “QTCinderella,” and Ali “Myth” Kabbani, as well as other Fortnite streamers and popular content creators.

The total prize pool is $250,000, split between the various challenges. That means each team has a chance to win money if they succeed at any of the physical or gaming competitions throughout the two-day event.

The first day of the Twitch Rivals: Ultimate Challenge saw a lot of success, with fans tuning in to see their favorite streamers participate in real-life challenges that ranged from impressive to goofy. It’s been a lot of fun for the streamers as well, except for Sodapoppin attempting to mop up his hotel floor with a single rag after flooding his bathtub.

Twitch Rivals: Ultimate Challenge 2021 schedule

Day one of the IRL challenges is complete. Here is what went down.

There were five challenges in total, with duos grouped with three other duos to create teams of eight. The streamers then competed in a variety of wacky challenges that put their endurance and strategy to the ultimate test.

Challenge 1: Block Buster

This timed event had two duos competing at the same time. Each duo attempted to build puzzle tower made out of various blocks. Once complete, the team had to knock it down. The fastest time would win.

The puzzle pieces had to be untangled from a rope before the duos could even begin, putting their teamwork skills to the forefront. Once unlocked, the pieces could be used to build the puzzle tower on a raised platform. The duos had to slingshot projectiles at the tower to knock it down completely once it was complete.

Challenge 2: Sticky Wall

This challenge was all about getting the highest score. How? By working together to catch as many balls as possible within a time limit. One team member of each duo wore a stick suit while the other team member wore a blindfold. Once the time was up, the sticky suit wearer attempted to bounce as high as possible to stick to a hook and loop wall in order to earn a points multiplier bonus.

Challenge 3: Low Rollers

This timed challenge had two duos competing at the same time, racing around a marked track on EZRollers. The squads had to collect four “inconveniently sized balls” along the track in the fastest time possible, only returning one ball at a time.

Challenge 4: Chip Shot

Teammates took turns jumping off a platform and grabbing as many hanging poker chips as they could in an attempt to get a high score. Team members had to take turns putting a number of golf balls, determined by the poker chip value, onto a revolving roulette wheel. The balls had to be put there one at a time. Duos earned points based on the numbers that the balls landed on in the wheel.

Challenge #5 was a tiebreaker challenge but the duos were already at different points by the end of the day, although the top two teams ended with very close scores.

Day 2 of the Twitch Rivals: Ultimate Challenge is coming soon today. The bracket draft was first. In each round, the highest-ranked under-drafted team picked their starting position and opponents. Now, teams will face off in a mystery game that hasn’t been announced.

Day 2 Bracket

  • Single-Elimination Bracket
  • Round of 16: Mystery Title
  • Quarterfinals: Mystery Title
  • Semifinals: Mystery Title
  • Grand Finals: Mystery Title

The Twitch Rivals: Ultimate Challenge action starts again at 12 PM PST.


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