Twitch partners & affiliates can now stream on other platforms

By Olivia Richman


Aug 23, 2022

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Twitch is changing its streaming exclusivity clause for its official Twitch partners and affiliates.

An email was sent to Twitch Partners and Affiliates that stated that they are now allowed to create live content on other platforms starting August 23. This will allow streamers to grow their communities on platforms beyond Twitch and have more flexibility in where they stream.

According to the official Twitch email, Twitch initially felt streamers should focus on their platform to “build their communities.” While they still feel Twitch is the “best place” for creators to engage with fans, they acknowledged that the “digital landscape has changed” since the Partner Program was initially introduced.

“We will no longer be enforcing this portion of your agreement and will be updating terms early next year,” Twitch said.

Twitch updating exclusivity clause for Twitch partners

While Twitch is now allowing streamers to create content and stream on Facebook and YouTube, Twitch did have have some rules in place that prevent simulcasting. This means that Twitch partners won’t be able to stream to Twitch and other “web-based, Twitch-like services” simultaneously. Twitch explained that would lead to a “sub-optimal experience” for viewers.

Twitch partners will be able to simulcast to “short form, mobile services,” however, like TikTok and Instagram Live. They can also stream on YouTube or Facebook after ending a stream on Twitch.

Twitch added that there will be official updates shared on Thursday, August 25 on an episode of Patch Notes. This episode will air at 12 PM PST, allowing streamers to “join the conversation.”

While this is good news for most streamers, it may also be a sign that Twitch is now less interested in locking down streamers to broadcasting solely on Twitch. That could potentially impact the deals Twitch is willing to offer to its biggest streamers to keep them on Twitch and off of any potential competitors.


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