Turbo mode gets big changes in Dota 2 7.33

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Valve has been so busy refining the new 7.33 changes in normal Dota 2 that it forgot about turbo mode. However, at least one janitor has finally remembered.

Dota 2 turbo mode has been updated to reflect all the new changes in 7.33. The fast-paced version of the game now has all of the same objectives at an increased rate to reflect the higher gold and experience totals. This is part of Valve’s ongoing effort to maintain turbo mode, which is usually a much lower priority than the standard all pick.

Here are all the biggest changes and what they mean for the turbo mode meta.

Big Dota 2 changes in patch 7.33

The newest batch of changes were announced through the official Dota 2 blog on June 7, 2023. The post, titled Tinkering With Turbo, gave some much-needed attention to Dota 2’s condensed game mode. Valve acknowledged that many of the timed objectives added in 77.33 aren’t suited for the game mode, and has chosen to adjust them to the following timings.

  • Aghanim’s Shards are now available at 7:30
  • Lotus Pools spawn flowers every 90 seconds
  • Infused Raindrops are now available at 1:30
  • Wisdom Runes now grant 100% more experience

These changes are designed to create a more consistent pace within the game mode as well as put more emphasis on the new objectives added in 7.33.

Turbo mode updated to enable arcana progress in 7.33

In addition, Valve also enabled arcana progress for Pudge and Phantom Assassin at half rate for turbo matches. 

The Pudge arcana Feast of Abcession uses a unique progression system where players must win matches with a Rubick on the enemy team. This is a callback to The International 2017 arcana vote, where Pudge narrowly beat Rubick with a vote count of 50.008%.

The specific nature also comes with the lowest number of games required of any arcana, with only 12 wins over Rubick required to unlock the alternate style. If completed entirely in Turbo, it will take 24 total wins.

Blog post image

The Phantom Assassin arcana is much more straightforward, only requiring players to win games. However, it has three total styles, with additional options unlocked at 40 and 100 wins. Turbo doubles these numbers, requiring a total of 200 victories to unlock the coveted third style.


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