TSM Myth’s big play counters BRUTE mechs with bubble shield

Melany Moncav • August 28, 22:28

Team SoloMid Fortnite player Ali “Myth” Kabbani showed on stream how to use the new bubble shield to counter the infamous BRUTE mech.

The bubble shield was introduced in patch 10.20, and it blocks projectiles and explosives for 30 seconds. It can be looted from floor loot, supply drops, vending machines, and chests.

On stream, Myth showed viewers how to take full advantage of the bubble shield, especially versus the mech.

In the clip, Myth throws the emitter on top of a hoverboard. The shield protected him from a nearby mech, and he then flew across the map and activated the self-destruct function on the BRUTE. The mech fell from the hill and Myth shot down the player that was hiding inside of the robot.

Bubble shields are an effective way to repel the attack from mech, but it’s far from an ideal solution to the problem. Players cannot shoot or throw explosives from inside the bubble shield. They’d have to walk out the shield and, in doing so, expose themselves to a possible attack.

Myth’s counter to BRUTE mechs may not be for everyone


Myth pulled off that play because he’s a highly skilled player. A more casual player might not be able to do the same. The BRUTE mech remains a problem that Epic Games is still unwilling to fully address.

Myth is now one of many players who are not happy with recent updates to the game. He has instead been playing Minecraft, a trend that is slowly taking over Twitch.

“Nowadays, I just want to play games. When people ask me about Season X, I know they do it because they want me to talk trash about Fortnite. I’m done doing that. I will complain once and that’s it, I will not complain again about the same thing. I will not become a complainer,” Myth said.


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