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TSM might be leaving the LCS in 2023

by | Mar 31, 2023

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Reading Time: 2 min.

One of North America’s most popular esports brands might exit the scene. TSM is putting a pause on its esports efforts according to a report by the Sports Business Journal. This could mean that TSM is leaving the LCS in 2023.

TSM might not be as profitable as the team claimed to be after all. The organization is pausing its esports efforts and instead focusing on its player development app Blitz. The decision comes after a rough couple of years for the organization that recently saw its biggest sponsorship fall through.

In 2021, TSM secured one of the biggest sponsorships the industry had seen at the time. FTX and TSM signed a 210 million naming rights deal that would run through 2031. Losing this sponsorship certainly changed the team’s plans, especially at a time when esports organizations are struggling to secure funding.

TSM esports

TSM currently has teams competing in League of Legends, Apex Legends, Dota 2, Valorant, Super Smash Bros, and more.

Will TSM leave the LCS?

The biggest question is whether TSM will remain in the LCS or not. It seems like the organization might be looking for a solution and could look to put its LCS slot for sale. Considering its alleged dire financial straits, it wouldn’t be surprising to see TSM parting ways with its League of Legends team.

Back in February, TSM disbanded its Rainbow Six Siege team, considered one of the best in the scene. If the organization is willing to get rid of a successful team, it could easily part with an underperforming one that it could sell for a profit.

It wouldn’t be the first time an organization has sold out its League of Legends franchise slot to salvage other parts of the business. In 2021, German football organization Schalke 04 sold its LEC slot to Team BDS. It was rumored that the decision came because the football team was struggling financially and needed money to stay afloat.

TSM is yet to release a statement regarding the report.

TSM LCS 2023 top laner Colin “Solo” Earnest confirmed through Twitter that he parted ways with the organization and will be a free agent for the summer season.

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