Tsareena coming to Pokemon Unite for free, launch date revealed

By Steven Rondina


Dec 5, 2021

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Pokemon Unite players are going to be able to get Tsareena for free in the very near future.

The fruit Pokemon is coming to Pokemon Unite next week and early adopters have the chance to get her without spending any Aeos Coins or Aeos Gems. The development team gave fans a first look at Tsareena and revealed that she will be something of an early Christmas present for players. Her inclusion in Pokemon Unite was previously discovered in a data mine in November.

Tsareena will come out on December 9 alongside a larger update to Pokemon Unite.

Tsareena is set to be Pokemon Unite’s fifth all-rounder and looks to be in the same vein as Lucario. But unlike Lucario, Tsareena is a three-stage Pokemon, starting off as Bounsweet, then evolving into Steenee before becoming Tsareena. It’s unknown when she may evolve but this makes her more similar to fellow all-rounders Machamp and Garchomp.

She’s a melee fighter with a mix of both mobility and burst damage, with an apparent emphasis on one-on-one skirmishes. In terms of moves, she seems to have Triple Axel which does multiple instances of damage in an AOE around Tsareena, a slide tackle similar to Scorbunny’s Low Sweep, and another kick capable of displacing enemies.

Tsareena’s Unite Attack sees her knock an opponent up into the air and follows them up, isolating. She then delivers a combo of punches and kicks, before slamming them back into the ground.

It is unclear how long this promotion to get Tsareena for free will last and what price tag she may carry after the event runs its course.

How to get Tsareena for free in Pokemon Unite

After Pokemon Unite’s December 9 update, Tsareena will be available through the game’s Events page.

From the main menu, simply click on the button with the calendar icon, next to the “Unite Battle” matchmaking button. A page advertising Tsareena’s addition to the game will be there, alongside the ability to claim her Unite License. All Pokemon Unite players ought to take advantage of the opportunity to add another character to their roster.


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