Dataminer claims Tsareena coming to Pokemon Unite soon

By Steven Rondina


Nov 18, 2021

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Decidueye’s arrival in Pokemon Unite is right around the corner, but another gen-seven grass-type Pokemon is set to arrive not long after.

According to a datamine posted to Reddit, Tsareena is set to arrive in Pokemon Unite later this year. The dataminer also suggests that Tsareena will be made available for free as part of an event.

While previous Pokemon data mines have discovered fully workable builds of upcoming Pokemon, something that was recently seen with Decidueye, no gameplay footage of Tsareena was made available. The Pokemon Company has not acknowledged the news and there have been no teasers or hints that Tsareena may be next as of yet.

Tsareena is a three-stage Pokemon, suggesting she’ll scale into the late game. It’s uncertain whether she’ll come fully online in the mid-game like Cinderace or in the late game like Garchomp or Mamoswine.

The arrival of Tsareena is an interesting one, continuing a trend in Pokemon Unite that is seeing lesser-known Pokemon from recent generations added to the game over more familiar Pokemon from earlier generations. From a combat perspective, Tsareena does offer some interesting opportunities.

Tsareena Pokemon Unite abilities

While grass type Pokemon traditionally have had rangy attacks such as Razor Leaf and Vine Whip, Tsareena breaks the mold by having a moveset based around punching and kicking..

Tsareena’s signature move is Trop Kick, a grass-type attack that deals damage and lowers the enemy’s stats. This ability will almost certainly be a part of Tsareena’s repertoire, with attacks such as High Jump Kick, Stomp, and Power Whip also being strong candidates.

It’s almost guaranteed that Tsareena will be a physical melee Pokemon, but it’s anyone’s guess what role she’ll fit into within the game. Pokemon Unite only has three speedsters at this time and desperately needs more, but Tsareena doesn’t fit that bill in the mainline Pokemon games. Odds are that she’ll be either an all-rounder or attacker.

When is Tsareena coming out in Pokemon Unite?

According to the datamine, Tsareena is set to arrive in Pokemon Unite on December 9.

It’s unknown what sort of event she might be attached to, but the most likely option would be something for Christmas. Either way, expect some sort of buildup to Tsareena’s release following the launch of Decidueye.


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