How does Pokemon Sleep work?

By Melany Moncada


Aug 4, 2023

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Pokemon Sleep is the latest Pokemon game to be released. This mobile app is aiming to improve player’s sleeping habits.

Pokemon Sleep is now available for Android and iOS. It is a mobile-exclusive app that rewards players based on their sleeping habits.

How does Pokemon Sleep work?

Pokemon Sleep tracks the user’s sleep using mainly the phone’s microphone. The app tracks the activity during the day, and the better sleep people get, the better rewards they will receive. The rewards come in the form of new Pokemon for their environment.

In order to track their sleep correctly, players should follow these recommendations:

  • Make sure your smart device is charged before using it to track sleep
  • Keep the Pokemon Sleep application open (not just running in the background).
  • Place your device by your pillow or somewhere else where it can detect your body movements.
  • Place your device in a place where it won’t detect anyone else’s movements.

Those who share a bed with their pets will have a difficult time tracking their sleep. The app records sound, tracking any kind of snoring, and a pet might disturb the recording.

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If users fail to follow the recommendations, they can receive an error message that indicates that no sleep session was recorded. In that case, users won’t be able to recover the information from the night before.

Pokemon Sleep is compatible with the Pokemon Go Plus + device. It will do all of the tracking instead of using the phone directly. However, it can face the same challenges as a regular phone when it comes to pets.

In case the tracking fails, users can enter data manually. They won’t make any progress on the sleep research. Instead, they will receive extra rewards the next time the app is used properly.

Users can only track two sleep sessions every 24 hours.


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