Try these tips and tricks with GTA V sticky bombs

By Melany Moncada


Jan 12, 2023

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GTA V has a broad variety of weapons, including sticky bombs. This item made its series debut in The Ballad of Gay Tony, a DLC for GTA IV released in 2009.

The sticky bombs, also known as fire bombs, are throwable explosives with a remote detonator. In GTA V, the sticky bombs become available when you complete the mission Friends Reunite. This is a mission for Trevor where he uses the sticky bombs to destroy a trailer park. Once completed, he travels to Vinewood Hills to find Michael. After that, it becomes part of the player’s arsenal.

GTA V sticky bombs

The sticky bombs are two M112 C-4 explosive sticks taped together with a detonator. When it is placed, a small red light turns on, and a steady beep can be heard. The bombs do not stick to pedestrians, and it is possible only to place 20 at a time. The sticky bombs have a 90-second fuse, meaning that after that time, they will detonate even if the player doesn’t activate it.

How do you get sticky bombs in GTA V?

During the Friends Reunited mission, Wade will give Trevor 25 sticky bombs. Franklin receives five on the Blitz Play mission. There are other heists where the player will receive sticky bombs, such as the Merryweather Heist and the Big Score. Michael also receives five sticky bombs on the Derailed mission.

Once the Friends Reunited mission is completed, players can purchase sticky bombs from Ammu-Nation for $400 each. Sticky bombs can also be found around Los Santos. For example, on the second floor of the unfinished building on the corner of Vespucci Boulevard and Prosperity Street. Or at the crash site of the Merryweather cargo plane after the mission Minor Turbulence.

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What level do you unlock sticky bombs in GTA Online?

To be able to buy sticky bombs, GTA Online players must reach rank 19. Each sticky bomb will cost them $600 at Ammu-Nation. If players have the security upgrade installed, they will find them in the Facility Security Room.

In GTA Online, players can stick the bombs to other players and are able to carry 30 at a time.

How do you trigger sticky bombs in GTA V PS4?

To detonate the sticky bombs, players must walk to the target and press R2. This will place the bomb on the desired target. After that, from a distance, players must press left on the D-pad, and the bomb will detonate. If, after 90 seconds, the player doesn’t detonate the bomb, it will go off automatically.

On Xbox, the process is the same. On PC, it is simpler, players must place the bomb and press G to detonate it.

How do you throw a sticky bomb while holding a gun in GTA V?

The first step is to have the sticky bomb as your explosive item. While aiming with your weapon, weapon, tap left on the D-pad, and it will throw the bomb. Tap it again to detonate it.

It is possible to throw sticky bombs while driving.


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