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Tristan Tate claims esports are not a sport, pro gamers react

By Olivia Richman


Apr 22, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

The Tate brothers have infiltrated the world of esports once again. This time, Tristan Tate tweeted a rant claiming that esports cannot be called sports and the reaction has been quite dramatic.

On April 21, Tate claimed that esports players are “losers” that can’t do “anything in real life” without their devices. He then called for the term “e-sports” to be banned.

The Tate brothers are known for having very dramatic opinions on X that many feel are extreme, like Andrew Tate once stating that food is only for fuel and not fun, prompting many to jokingly ask, “Fellas, is it gay to like eating?”

Now, the esports community has reacted to Tate’s latest dramatic tweet.

Esports pros react to Tristan Tate

After Tristan Tate put out his anti-esports tweet for all to see, gamers were quick to respond with opinions. Felix “xQc” Lengyel jokingly replied that “e-sports” already is a banned phrase, referencing how esports doesn’t like that dated term Tate used — proving he is a bit behind.

But others had more dramatic responses. Esports media person Jake Lucky tweeted an old clip of NBA star Shaq saying that being an athlete is all “mental,” concluding that esports is a sport.

“Athlete means different things…” Shaq said, noting how NASCAR, esports, and swimming are all athletes of different types. “I can’t do what you do.”

To nobody’s surprise, former G2 owner Carlos Ocelote had to get involved as well. The scorned ex-esports CEO is close with Andrew Tate, one of the reasons he was removed.

Ocelote responded to Tate, stating that the guys Tate was referencing were “low level losers” but his players had “15 girlfriends each” and didn’t smell bad. He added: “Every other team is full of virgins.”

Tate replied that there are “levels to the game.” But others called out Ocelote for his cringe response, clearly not a fan of his ongoing sexist rhetoric.

For now, it appears that many countries do consider esports pros athletes of some sort, hence the inclusion of games in the Olympics. It will be interesting to see how this view continues to progress over time, with Tate most likely having no impact on esports being banned or not.