Trainwrecks accusation

Trainwreck accused of not paying artist for t-shirt commission

By Olivia Richman


Nov 8, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Update: Tyler “Trainwreckstv” Niknam responded to accusations of not paying an artist for commissioned t-shirt designs. In a tweet, the streamer said that the work was given to him too late and that he had made clear ahead of time that artists would only be paid if the art was used.

“I don’t use PG-inspired art,” Trainwreck added. “You’re all bats—.”

Original story: Trainwreckstv has been accused of not paying an artist for commissioned work.

On October 7, Trainwreck facetiously boasted about an NFT he had purchased online, causing a lot of back and forth with Dream fans on Twitter regarding the concept of NFTs. Some Twitter users responded by saving a copy of Trainwreckstv’ NFT and reuploading it.

When Trainwreckstv called out Minecraft players for being “worse than the NFT community” for obsessing over a game, one Minecraft player responded by accusing Trainwreck of stealing art and destroying the environment. This caused Trainwreckstv to go off on Twitter.

“I bought a fucking pixel, shut the f—k up for once in your miserable lives. Unless you’re vegan and don’t use Twitter, Instagram or Twitch, don’t high road me about the environmental costs of a fucking picture,” Trainwreckstv ranted.

Trainwreckstv then added that he didn’t take kindly to being accused of “stealing from artists,” since the streamer claims to pay artists “double what you and your parents make in a year.” He ended the rant by calling the Minecraft fans “hypocritical losers.”

Trainwreckstv accused of stealing art after Minecraft drama

While the exchange was already dramatic enough, Trainwreckstv’s claim about paying artists apparently didn’t sit well with one artist who has allegedly worked with the popular streamer in the past.

The artist shared some screenshots of his conversation with Trainwreck, claiming that he was commissioned by Trainwreck on his birthday only to never be paid for his efforts.

Many on Twitter responded with shock to the entire situation. Some felt that the artist shouldn’t have drawn “even a single line” until he had been paid up front. But most felt that the artist was not at fault for Trainwreckstv’s decision to allegedly ghost the artist.

A lot of people felt that Trainwreckstv was wrong for claiming to pay so much money and portray himself as a “selfless” person when he allegedly hadn’t even paid a single penny to the artist. Fans were even angrier since Trainwreck had paid money for an NFT, yet didn’t pay an artist for creating a design on his behalf.

Trainwreckstv has not used the t-shirt design in his store as of yet. But artists are supposed to be paid for commissions no matter what is done with the art afterwards.

Neither the artist nor Trainwreck have made any further comment on the situation as of this writing.