Toss buyback bug helps Quincy Crew to beat Evil Geniuses

By Steven Rondina


May 18, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

A longstanding Dota 2 bug just played a big part in a key Dota Pro Circuit match featuring two of the world’s best teams.

During game two of Quincy Crew vs. Evil Geniuses in the North American DPC League, Yawar “YawaR” Hassan was killed by Abed “Abed” Azel L. Yusop Tiny with his Toss spell. This left YawaR’s two Divine Rapiers on the ground, something that would have swung the game into Evil Geniuses’ favor and prompted an instantaneous buyback from YawaR.

However, Toss has a longstanding bug where if a player uses buyback while caught in the flying animation from the spell, they will respawn on the spot where they died instead of in the fountain. As a result of this, YawaR returned and landed directly on top of his Divine Rapiers.

YawaR got back to fighting and eventually picked back up his Divine Rapiers to help secure the team fight and the game. Quincy Crew then won the decider and ultimately took the series 2-1.

This bug has existed in Dota 2 for years at this point, but that doesn’t mean YawaR was aware that he had triggered it. For a brief time after buying back and rejoining the fight, YawaR can be seen trying to teleport in. His return to the middle of the fight was a happy accident that just so happened to put Quincy Crew at the top of the NA DPC League standings.

Quincy Crew in prime position for spot in WePlay! AniMajor

With the win over Evil Geniuses, Quincy Crew now sits uncontested in first place at 6-0 with one week left of action in the Dota Pro Circuit league. That puts Quincy Crew in a great position for a spot in the WePlay! AniMajor, but it doesn’t quite secure it yet.

During the North American league cycle, Quincy Crew, Evil Geniuses, and Undying are all lined up for a spot in the major. Ahead of the ONE Esports Singapore Major, each team went 6-1 with the “1” in their record being a rock-paper-scissors situation between those three teams. This forced a three-way tiebreaker which ultimately saw Undying left out.

This situation is still in play for this cycle, but Quincy Crew now has the chance to earn first place and guarantee a spot in the playoffs at the WePlay! AniMajor. The last game of the season will come on May 20 with Quincy Crew facing Undying. A win secures first place with a perfect record while a loss will likely set up another tiebreaker between those three teams.


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