Topson confirms a comeback to pro Dota 2, but when?

By Steven Rondina


Jul 27, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen is looking to make a comeback to Dota 2 esports, but it doesn’t seem like he will be returning to OG.

The two-time TI champion has been out of action since The International 2021 and was openly discussing retirement before the event. As is often the case in esports, that idea didn’t hold up over time. With the qualifiers to The International 2022 looming, Topson is considering a return to Dota 2 esports.

The trouble is that the only actual organization Topson has played for is OG, which is performing well without him and doesn’t have any of his former teammates on the active lineup. That leaves Topson in an awkward spot as he waits for a comeback opportunity to present itself. He discussed as much on a recent Twitch stream.

“I have nothing to give, I’ve been semi-looking for teams since after the last major but obviously there’s no spot and I want to be on a good team. I haven’t been actively looking for a team but if there was an opportunity, I’d be interested,” Topson said.

Though Topson doesn’t seem to be in a rush, he acknowledged that he will likely come back after TI11 regardless.

Will Topson make a comeback for TI11?

Topson may or may not already have something lined up for the qualifiers to TI11, but it’s hard to imagine him not being able to find some sort of opportunity.

While one might expect Topson to simply return to OG, the team is completely different from the one Topson played with. The organization hit the reset button on its Dota 2 division after TI11 and enjoys strong success, with the new OG winning the first major of the 2022 Dota Pro Circuit season. 

The organization likely won’t force a winning team to make room for Topson, forcing him into free agency. That isn’t a bad place for him to be, though.

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The star midlaner is likely a straight upgrade for almost any team, even if he hasn’t been actively competing. He’s also proven himself multiple times on Dota 2’s grandest stage, something that a number of top players can’t say. There will inevitably be some good teams that are forced into the qualifiers for TI11, and that will result in some of them making changes.

Unlike other star players who have been forced to take what they can get, Topson can be choosy. A number of strong teams including Nigma Galaxy and Entity will need to play in qualifiers. Others like Quincy Crew, Evil Geniuses, and Team Liquid could end up in the same spot depending on how the Arlington Major shakes out. There’s a very real chance that Topson will find his way onto a top team for the TI11 qualifiers, but even if he doesn’t, it seems likely that he’ll be back before the start of the 2023 DPC season.